Sacred Activism in Modern Yoga : The Warrior Pathway to Decolonising Yoga
For beginner and advanced yoga teachers and practitioners

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The course explores the colonial history of yoga and the journey of this sacred wisdom tradition from East to West - how to identify patterns of cultural extraction and exploitation – and how to make restitution and reparation. The clear philosophical framework for understanding the impact of systemic racism, critical race theory, critical whiteness and cultural appropriation is set within a trauma informed pathway.

The course explores liberatory yogic philosophy and the science of Āyurveda through a decolonised lens in which we draw upon principles and ethics that uphold our commitment to sacred activism - to move beyond self-care to collective care.

Course Curriculum : 35 hours over 10 virtual sessions (it will also be recorded)

Sacred Activism in Modern Yoga : The Warrior Pathway to Decolonising Yoga
Dis-ease in Modern Yoga
Identity, positionality and intersectionality
Critical race theory
Colonialism & post-colonial lens
Cultural extraction & exploitation
Compassionate Care & Repair in Modern Yoga
Cultural restitution & reparation
Navigating sacred pathways & languages (Patañjali, Bhagavadgītā & Saṃskṛta ))
Living radical yoga (yama & niyama)
Self to collective care – the revolutionary science of Āyurveda
Vortex of power : the cakrā system

35 hours over 10 Mondays 3 October 2022 - 5 December 2022

30 hours - contact hours
5 hours - non contact hours

18:00 BST | 10:00 PST | 13:00 EST

Registered as 35 hours RYT CE with Yoga Alliance  (a necessary and vital step to move towards reclaiming and levelling power within the modern yoga industry for South Asian heritage yoga teachers)

Sliding Scale Tuition

£300 - Community Rate - BIPOC (discounted)
£500 - Sustainer Rate (pays for you)
£650 - Supporter Rate (supports others/as well as yourself)

Payment by instalments available.

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