Women 100 Proud Partner Details and Application
Become a Proud Partner for Vision 2020’s Women 100 Celebration!


Vision 2020 Presents: Women 100 – A National Celebration of American Women

Vision 2020 is a national women’s equality coalition headquartered at Drexel University’s Institute for Women’s Health and Leadership in Philadelphia. The coalition is made up of individuals and organizations in all 50 states working together for women's economic, political and social equality in the United States.

During the year 2020, programs and events will illuminate the contributions of women throughout American history and set the agenda for women to achieve equality in the 21st Century.

Apply to be a Proud Partner so you can be a part of the gender equality movement in 2020! All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Vision 2020 team in order to become official Women 100 Proud Partners. The team will be in touch with applicants upon approval.

Note: Vision 2020 Allied Organizations - Need not apply.
Who can become a Proud Partner of Women 100?
Proud Partners range from nonprofits and cultural institutions to small businesses and large corporations. Any organization that would like to show its support of women’s equality is encouraged to apply to become a Women 100 Proud Partner.

Nonprofit organizations that are non-partisan and have a mission that aligns with Vision 2020's mission should consider applying to become Vision 2020 Allied Organizations.
What is required to become a Proud Partner?
An organization’s involvement can be as simple as displaying the Women 100 Proud Partner badge on its website, storefront window, and/or on any promo items during 2020, or as big as hosting an event in honor of women's equality to show support of Women 100. Organizations and institutions do not need to donate money in order to be a Proud Partner, though donations are welcome.
Can Proud Partners host events or programs as a collaborative effort with Women 100?
Absolutely. We will champion Proud Partners in hosting their own event(s) that align with the Women 100 mission through promotion. Programs that celebrate women would be placed on the official Women 100 calendar as Proud Partner events.

Check out the Women 100 Timeline of Events at the link below. We would add YOUR event to this calendar as a Proud Partner!

Please note: The Vision 2020 team is small but mighty at Drexel University. Vision 2020 does not provide funding nor staffing in the planning and implementation of programs being hosted by Proud Partners, but supports these activities through audience-building.
Are there any fees associated with being a Proud Partner?
There is no exchange of funds between Vision 2020 and Proud Partners. We offer support by helping to help elevate each other's programs via audience-building (placing official Proud Partner initiatives on the Women 100 calendar).
Can a Proud Partner also be a sponsor of Women 100?
Yes! In fact, we encourage Proud Partners to support Vision 2020's Women 100 as sponsors. For more information on sponsorship, please email vision2020@drexel.edu.
Proud Partners receive...
• A link to the organization’s website on the Women 100 website
• Special invitations to Women 100 programs throughout the year 2020
• Recognition in Women 100 marketing materials
• Spotlights on Vision 2020’s official Women 100 calendar, social media channels, and monthly newsletter
Proud Partners agree to...
• Post the official Women 100 Proud Partner badge on their website, storefront window, and/or on any swag during the year 2020. We welcome other creative ways to show support as a Proud Partner!
• Share the Women 100 calendar of events in one or more capacities (website, social media, etc…).
• Encourage involvement of their associates in Women 100 programs.
• Consider event/program/meeting themes that align with Women 100 and the centennial of the 19th Amendment for the year 2020. Vision 2020 will gladly act as a promotional partner and place your event on the official Women 100 calendar as a Proud Partner event.
Please share!
Know of any organizations that would be natural fits as Proud Partners? Please feel free to share this application with them!
Application Instructions
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Application Review Process
All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Vision 2020 team in order to become official Women 100 Proud Partners. The team will be in touch with applicants upon approval.
Women 100 Proud Partner Inquiries
Joyce Lewandowski, Vision 2020 Program Director
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