Union 76 Superintendent Search Survey
The Union 76 Board is seeking your input as we search for a new Superintendent for the Union.
Representatives from the various constituent groups will serve on the initial Interview Search
Committee that will make recommendations to the Board on who to invite back for second
interviews. The information gleaned from this survey will be critical in helping these representatives
understand what the community is seeking in a new Superintendent.
The major job goals of the Superintendent are:
to oversee and develop the best educational program possible within the physical and financial
limits of the Union and
to lead in the development of a comprehensive long-range plan that addresses the area of
leadership, curriculum, instruction, staff development, and facilities management and maintenance.
Please keep in mind that we are viewing our current Superintendent after five years of experience
as a Superintendent - a new Superintendent will need to grow into the job as Mr. Elkington did.
Please complete by June 25th. Thank you for your feedback!
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