2022 Region III Conference Planning Committee
Thank you for your interest in participating in the planning of the 2022 Region III Conference hosted in Columbus, OH! Please fill out this questionnaire, so we have a better understanding of the skills you are bringing to the committee!
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What experience do you have (if any) in planning conferences? The more detail, the better! *
What skills do you have that you feel will benefit the committee in planning this conference? *
Are you planning to attend the conference? (June 16-19, 2022 in Columbus, OH) *
Would you be willing to be a chair of a committee? *
If answered yes above, which committee would you be willing to chair? (Check all that apply) *The chair will be the main POC for this committee. They will be in charge of attending the large group meetings, delegating roles, organizing meetings with other committee members, and reporting to the OCRID Board of Directors.
What days are you able to meet, virtually? (Check all that apply). *We will be sending out a Doodle poll to determine the best dates and times. This question is just to get a general idea of availability. *
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