Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
Iowa RYLA (Rotary Districts 5970 and 6000)
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2022 RYLA Team Leader Application
Application Deadline
The deadline for submitting Team Leader applications is November 30, 2021. Selection of Team Leader is anticipated to be announced by January 31, 2022.
Which RYLA?
Young RYLA or YRYLA is a program for middle schoolers. To be eligible to be a team leader at RYLA 2022 or YRYLA 2022 an applicant must have attended Iowa RYLA.

RYLA 2022 dates: Conference & Pre-conference at Coe College or Grinnell College (decision on location expected November 5) -- 5:00 pm, July 15 to 3:00 pm, July 22; Training -- 5:00 pm, June 17 to Noon, June 19; and Debrief -- July 30 or August 6.

YRYLA 2022 dates: Camp at Waldorf University in Forest City -- July 8-12. The format for 2022 is slightly different from past years in that it begins on a Friday and ends on a Tuesday.
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College students -- please enter 13-16 for current year.
Parents'/Guardians' Names *
In the immediate questions below, please provide names, email addresses and phone numbers where parents/guardians can be reached during the day and evening, especially during RYLA events.
Parents'/Guardians' email addresses
Enter parents' email addresses separated by a comma.
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In the format 123-456-7890. Please provide phone number(s) where you would like us to call first day or night should an emergency arise during RYLA events.
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In the format 123-456-7890. Please provide phone number(s) you wish us to call day or night during RYLA events if we are unable to reach the 1st phone number(s).
Medical Conditions *
Identify any medical conditions we should know about, any medications currently being taken, any severe allergies, treatment for any allergic reaction, dietary restrictions or preferences, or write “None”.
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Please identify any activity restrictions or write “None” if there are no activity restrictions.
Who was your RYLA Team Leader? *
Based on your experience, how would you describe the purpose of RYLA? If you are applying for YRYLA or Either, please also describe the purpose of YRYLA. *
What is your proudest achievement since RYLA? *
Why do you want to be a Team Leader? *
What are some of your strengths and how would they benefit you in the team leader role? *
Describe an experience where you have had to work in a team setting since RYLA. *
Why do you think you are the best candidate to be a Team Leader? *
What else would you like us to know about you? *
(Include leadership roles, accomplishments and extracurricular involvement and how they apply to being a team leader)
Please provide your biography as you'd like it printed in the manual (250 words max). *
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Thank you for completing your Team Leader Application!
Code of Conduct *
I will abide by the RYLA Code of Conduct, RYLA Rules and I will break no laws. The decision of the Staff and Rotarians regarding rules infraction and discipline shall be final.
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By typing your name below, in addition to confirming the agreements above, you agree to attend the entire RYLA training and conference events listed above and make every effort to attend the RYLA Debrief.
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