Biostrap GDPR Subject Data Form
We take data security seriously as Biostrap and implement state-of-the-art measures to ensure security. We ask for your affirmative permission to collect, process, and possibly store your data in order to provide you with value in our services and process your data requests. Without your permission and data we are unable to provide the full range of service, which reduces or eliminates the value of our products and services, including altering your data requests. We just want you to know this before we complete your request and delete your data.

If you still wish to proceed, kindly provide the following information so that our Data Processing Officer can confirm and fulfill your request.

Before proceeding, please take a moment to read Biostrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents at the below link. Please note that we need you to acknowledge that you have read these documents before we can collect personal information from you for processing. >>>I have read and agree to Biostrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on *
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