CS 451 Quiz 22
Course feedback after 8 weeks
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Please provide feedback on the most recent portion of the course (topics were SVMs, PCA, HW 3 - Neural net, and HW 4 - SVM) *
How is the course going? (1-terrible ... 5-great!)
How challenging is the course? (1-not very ... 5-very)
How is the course pacing? (1-too slow, 3-just right, 5-too fast)
How is the workload? (1-too low, 3-average, 5-too high)
How was the midterm? (1-too easy, 3-good, 5-too hard)
What did you like recently? Has anything improved? *
What did you like the least? Has anything gotten worse? How could I improve it? *
Which of HW 2, 3, or 4 did you like the best so far? *
Name one thing you are confused about that you would like explained in class
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2 points
What random number is on the board? *
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