Online questionnaire for parents on personal use of internet, cyber bullying and the safe use of the Internet
Please read first.
We would like to know more about how your child use the internet. You can help us learn more by filling out this questionnaire. We do not ask for your name, so your answers will remain anonymous; we do not share your answers with anyone else so they remain confidential - If you have any questions please contact the school.
Thank you for participating.
1. Can you rank the types of violence from the most (1) to the least alarming danger (4) to a child?
physical violence
psychological violence
internet addiction
2. Do you think you have enough knowledge about computers, the Internet?
3. What media and technology topics are you most interested in learning more about?
Check all that apply.
4. Would you like your school to provide education to parents on these topics?
5. To the best of your knowledge, how much time did your child spend the most recent weekday on the Internet?
6. Using the Web can take time away from other activities. How frequently have your children used the Web instead of the following activities during the past 6 months? a) ...instead of watching TV?
b) ...instead of talking on the phone?
c) ...instead of sleeping?
d) ...instead of exercising?
7. In your opinion, what are your child’s favourite activities?
Please circle them from 1- 5 (where 1 is your child’s favourite and 5 the least favourite ).
Instant Messenger
Chat rooms
File sharing
Social Networking
Web Surfing
Other - please specify:
Your answer
8. Does your child use social networking sites? (Facebook, Twitter,…)?
9. If so, have there ever been any cyber bullying problems:
10. From your point of view, has your child ever encountered talking to a person who they don’t know on an instant messenger service?
11. Do you know the amount of personal information that your child may display on their social networking profile pages?
12. Have you ever had a conversation about e-safety with your child?
13. Have you ever checked your child’s digital footprint (Internet History) on your computer?
14. If so, have you ever found inappropriate or computer damaging material?
15. Have you ever opened a spam email that contained a virus?
16. Do you think teachers should be better trained to deal with bullying?
17. How can adults help students who are the victims of cyberbullying?
Please give some examples:
Your answer
18. What do you think is the best punishment for cyberbullying?
Please give some examples
Your answer
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