ScAgvenger Hunt- Sponsored by Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy, LLC.
Instructions: Use the clues below to answer each question. Each answer is a food (also known as a commodity) that we grow or produce in Wisconsin. You may even have these foods in your own home! Need a clue? Check out this Wisconsin Ag Fact poster from Wisconsin Farm Bureau!

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Wisconsin ranks third in producing this starchy vegetable. What is it? What is a snack or side dish made from it?
This cereal grain is a 55-million-dollar industry and is one of our state’s top commodities.  What is it? Name a food in your house that has this in the ingredients.
We sell over 700,300 of these during Christmas, ranking 5th in the nation. What is it? What is something we decorate it with?
Ranking third in the nation, this root vegetable is said to be good for your eyes. What is it? Do you like yours cooked or raw?
We produce over 225,000 gallons of this sticky liquid every year. What is it? Name a breakfast food you pour it over.
We rank 6th in the nation for the production of this oval protein. What is it? Do you like yours fried, scrambled, or boiled? Dr. Seuss likes his green!
We rank 1st in the production of this dairy product. It is sometimes yellow. What is it? What kind is in your fridge?
This tart, red fruit contributes over $143 million to our economy. What is it? During which holidays do we eat it?
Wisconsin agriculture provides over 435,700 jobs. Name a job in agriculture.
We produce 30.6 billion pounds of this dairy liquid. What is it? What kind is in your fridge?
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