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Rehab or Institution name (if other, please specify) *
Estimated Program completion date or program completion date *
Case manager's contact information (Name, number, email). *
Have you been to treatment before?  If so, where and when?  Did you complete your stays?  If you left against medical advice, please state the reason for leaving. *
Have you been to outpatient treatment before?  If so, where and when?  Did you complete the program?  If you left against medical advice, please state the reason for leaving. *
Please list all prescribed medications you are currently taking (Dosage, how often you take the medication, the medical reason) *
Do you have any allergies?  If so, please name them. *
Are you on state or private insurance?  (State = Medicaid or Medicare) *
Do you have a primary care physician outside of your rehabilitation institution?  If so, where are they located? *
Where do you currently reside?  (If homeless or in a housing crisis, please list the town you were last staying in). *
Do you have a driver's license? *
If not, what do you have to do to get it back? *
Do you own a registered motor vehicle? *
Are you currently pending any charges?  If yes, please provide a complete list with your court dates. *
Have you ever been convicted of any charges, state or federal?  Civil or criminal? *
Are you on any type of supervision?  If so, what kind? *
If you are on any type of supervision, who is your supervising officer (name, email, phone number).  If not on supervision, please put "None" *
Will you sign a release for VFOR to talk to your supervising officer? *
Please list your employment history in the past five years. *
Do you have employment lined up? *
Do you have family that will support you financially, even temporarily? *
Move in dues are $450 for a VFOR home in Chittenden county and are $445 for the rest of the homes.  Do you have the money required to move in? *
Do you have any diagnosed chronic health problems or mental health disorders?  If so, please list them. *
What location are you interested in?  If you are willing to go anywhere, your chances of getting a bed increase dramatically (please select Multiple). *
Sobriety/Clean date? *
What is your preferred recovery path?  (Example, 12-Step, non-12-step, SMART recovery, etc) *
What led you to seek recovery from substance use? *
Why are you interested in living in a recovery home? *
Do you have children?  If so, do you have custody?  Do you have any visitation requirements? *
What is your currently relationship with your family?  Do they support you in your journey into recovery? *
Have you done any self-help groups before?  (12-Step, SMART recovery etc)? *
Do you have a sponsor, mentor or recovery coach?  If so, how often do you meet with them? *
Do you have a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist or counselor? *
If applicable, what are some contributing factors to relapses or slips? *
What does your recovery plan look like, aside from participating in the recovery community? *
What are your current and past substances of choice, or substances you've had the most problem with? *
Have you ever been an IV user? *
Have you applied to other recovery homes?  If so, would you tell us which ones? *
Have you ever lived in a recovery home before?  If so what terms did you leave on? *
Do you owe any recovery homes money?  If so, how much and are you willing to be on a payment plan to pay them back? *
What strengths can you bring to our home?  What benefit would that bring? *
If you were aware of someone using in the house, whether that be a house member or guest, how do you think you would handle that situation? *
If you had a slip or a relapse, how do you think you would handle that sitaution? *
If we didn't have a bed for you on your completion date, what would your living situation be?  If you aren't in rehab, are you currently safe? *
If we had to ask you to leave, would you have a safe place to go?  If so, where is that place? *
Would you be able to honor our 3-month commitment policy if you moved in? *
Do you have any questions that you would like a VFOR representative to answer for you during your interview? *
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