GACHS Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Feedback Form
We value feedback from our parents and stakeholders. After reading the CNA please provide input. Each question has an "A" and "B" section. Please enter comments in the "A" section. If you have no input for a specific item, please proceed to the "B" section and mark "No Input/acceptable as written". Please reference specific page numbers where applicable.
1A. Coherent Instructional System:
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1B. Coherent Instructional System:
2A. Effective Leadership:
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2B. Effective Leadership:
3A. Professional Capacity:
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3B. Professional Capacity:
4A. Family & Community Engagement:
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4B. Family & Community Engagement:
5A. Supportive Learning Environment
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5B. Supportive Learning Environment
6A. Demographic and Financial
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6B. Demographic and Financial
7A. Student Achievement
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7B. Achievement
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