2023 AMTA Competition Integrity Committee Complaint Form
Please complete this form if you are:  (i) submitting a complaint based on conduct at an AMTA ORCS tournament that you believe constituted an egregious improper invention of fact; or (ii) responding to an allegation that you or your team violated the AMTA Rules regarding egregious improper invention of fact.  

Complaints must be filed by 4:00 p.m. Central time on the Monday immediately following the tournament.  Responses are due forty-eight hours after the Competition Integrity Committee notifies you of the complaint, which may be extended upon request for good cause.  

Questions should be directed to the Committee at AMTA.CIC@collegemocktrial.org.  

Please note that, should you wish to be eligible for certain forms of relief, including any remedy that would result in a change of points, ballots, or round outcome, you must submit a brief docketing statement by 11:59 pm on Sunday (in the time zone of your ORCS) and also submit this complaint by its deadline.
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I have read the above explanation and understand the purpose of this form.  *
I understand  only one complaint or response form is permitted and there will not be any later opportunity to supplement or provide additional information. *
What is your name?  *
What is your email? *
What is your phone number?  *
For which ORCS tournament are you filing this complaint? *
What is your school and team number? *
What is the team number for either the respondent school (if you are filing this complaint) or the complainant school (if you are filing a response to a complaint)?  *
Which round are you filing this complaint for? *
Was the allegation discussed with the AMTA Representatives during the tournament (this is not a requirement)? *
If the allegation was discussed with the AMTA Representatives, please briefly describe the interaction: *
The CIC has limited jurisdiction.  Please select the category under which your complaint or response falls: *
Did you file a Notice of Complaint by 11:59 pm Sunday (local time of your ORCS)?  This is not a requirement for all complaints, but will impact the relief for which you may be eligible. *
Please describe either your complaint or your response.  Please cite the specific AMTA Rules that you believe the conduct violates, and if you are responding to a complaint, please articulate the reasons why you believe the alleged conduct did not violate any AMTA Rules.  Be as specific and precise as possible.   *
Do you have any video of the alleged violation?  If yes, please email to the CIC Chair at amta.cic@collegemocktrial.org by the appropriate deadline and include the time stamps of the relevant portions of the video.   *
Please confirm that you are sending copies (scans or pictures) of all relevant ballots you have relating to the alleged violation to amta.cic@collegemocktrial.org.
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Are there any additional people that you believe the CIC should contact during its investigation or additional information you believe the CIC should have?   *
Please affirm that all of the information you provided above is true to the best of your knowledge. Frivolous complaints or complaints filed merely because of animus toward another individual or program could constitute a violation of the AMTA Rules.   *
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