Help Crowdsource The Only National Database of all Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Organizations : A public spreadsheet from @sloane @helloneighborhq.
I work with refugees and immigrants in Pittsburgh, PA through an organization I founded called Hello Neighbor ( Every day I get asked how people can get involved in their own community. I couldn't find a dynamic national database so I decided to create one.

This project started in February, 2017 with 5 organizations. As of October, 2017 we have over 415 organizations from all 50 states and the District of Columbia!

This form links to a public database where anyone can add nonprofits and social service agencies in their city and anyone can find a place to contact where they live to get involved.

If you know a refugee resettlement agency or a nonprofit that works with refugees or immigrants, please consider taking a minute and adding them to this list.

Read about this database in The New York Times:

See the current list here:

Any questions or comments, I'm on Twitter @sloane or you can email me: sloane(at)
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