QZB Tutorings
Thank you for your interest in our educational offerings. Here are some general informations about the tutorings:

// 85 Euros / Hour
// Online via Discord
// FORGE Sample packs included

The course will cover all things needed to achieve a certain goal (to fill out below) and all contents are adjusted to your current level of production and your short-, mid- and longterm goals.

After entering all informations, we will contact you about the amount of hours in the course and if you agree to the terms, etc. we will send you an invoice for the advance or the full amount. After the payment is received, we will sketch out the course and discuss with you if the content is good for you and adjust it if there's a need to.

Please fill out all the informations, so we can get in contact with you via email. Don't hesitate to ask us via email if you have any questions about this form or the course. (benj.ramsauer@gmail.com)
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Describe yourself; what's your artist name (incl. Link), where are you from, what genres and artists do you like, what's your longterm plan in music? *
Post links to 1-3 tracks which showcase your best work and let me know what you don't like about them or where you want to improve them. *
Which software do you use right now? *
How long have you been producing up to this point? *
How would you describe your production level? How confident are you about your skills? *
What do you wish from this course? What do you want to be able to achieve after attending this course? *
Pin down 3 topics of production in which you think you'd need some assistance or guidance. *
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