Heritage Status Request
This service is only available in Johannesburg at present. Please provide us with your contact details, the exact location of the property and the context of your request in the form below. The Heritage Register team will investigate the property's declaration status and sixty year status to inform you whether a permit from the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Gauteng (PHRAG) is needed. We will also provide several resources guiding you on what to do next.

A Heritage Status Report costs R499.

We obtain a property's sixty year status by looking at the original plans at the City of Johannesburg's plans office. If the plans are missing we will compile a discounted report at R199 to cover administration costs and refer you to a heritage professional in your area who can do further research to obtain the age of the property.

Please note that a heritage status report will not tell you what you can and cannot do with a property. Only a heritage professional will be able to guide you on the specifics. Status reports do not provide a full property history either. If this is what you are looking for then you will need to engage a professional as well.

Follow this link to go to The Heritage Register www.heritageregister.org.za

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