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-----------Application Process-----------

- FULL PAYMENT is required no later than 1 week after a quote has been agreed upon
- Deadline fee may apply for more complex suits and/or if its very short deadline.
- We can accept deadlines for October 2021 onwards (we will be dropping premades to slot in deadlines), otherwise with regular payments suits will be completed from January 2022.

- Completion January 2022 onwards, 2-5 slots available. Deadlines are available from October 2021 onwards.
- Deposit is required within 1 week after a quote is agreed upon to secure your slot. If you delay payment you slot will be made available to someone else and you may miss out.
- If you pay your commission in full up front, your commission will be placed higher in our queue, as commissions are ordered based on completion of payment, not the order we take the commission.
- 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your slot, remaining amount can be paid in monthly installments (minimum $200/month or 10%, whichever is greater). Current circumstances and risks with Covid19 mean 50% of the quoted cost will be non-refundable to reduce "change of mind" refunds.
- If you wish to discuss an alternative payment plan, please note that we still require 30% up front and a payment plan no longer than 10 months.
- When you pay your deposit your commission will be placed in our "Upcoming Projects" list. Once full payment is made we will place you in our queue and you will receive an ETA of completion.
- Monthly payments are due on the first of each month, starting one month from the payment of the deposit (ie deposit paid late January, first instalment is due 1st March).
- Missed payments or 2 consecutive late payments without notice will be considered a cancellation and only a partial refund as per change of mind in our TOS will be available.

If your character is accepted, I will send you an initial quote. From there you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the commission and we will discuss details and finalise the quote, commission details and payment.

Please get back to me ASAP, otherwise I will be contacting other applicants and you may miss out on your slot. You slot is only secured once you have made payment, if you have not made payment you do not have a slot with us.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not first come first served, We will be contacting in order those who we most wish to make first, of course the earlier you put in your application the better. If we see a fursuit design we really want to make they will be contacted upon viewing their application.


If I really like your design but am unable to take on your commission this round, I will let you know. We are planning on opening again for another 2-5 slots in June 2021 for completion in 2022, so we'd likely take you up on that round.

To increase your chances of being picked be sure your character meets the following requirements:

- Fursuit friendly design
If your character has crazy complex markings, lots of colours, large/unwieldy parts/features it will be less likely to be accepted. My goal is to make you the best suit I can - fursuit friendly designs help me achieve this.

-A good, clear reference sheet
Please have a reference sheet that clearly shows your character markings. If there's anything that leaves me "guessing how it fits together" I'm less likely to take it on. Both of us need to be on the same page as to what we expect. Fur is not cheap, so having to re-cut a piece because its not how you imagined will cost you more money and me more time (something neither of us will be happy with). I also prefer reference sheets that are not overly stylised or have odd proportions (ie chibi) I like to stay true to the design of the design, so the easier it is for me to do this, the more likely I will pick it.

If you're unsure if your character will meet these requirements, feel free to ask me. I know best what I can and can't sew, so don't hesitate if the question arises.
What do you wish to commission?
Please note that unless you are pledging $25+ on our Patreon, we do not accept paws or sleeves by themselves, and tail only commissions are only available if we have the fur in stock.

If you are pledging $25+ to our Patreon, please fill in our special form accessible via our Patreon and these restrictions will not apply, and you will be guaranteed a commission slot.
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