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If you would like to update this form at a later time just return to the link on our Guest Artist Application journal ( and make sure you are logged in using the same google account you used to submit the form the first time! You should be able to edit your submission / update it to be more current.

If you would like to remove your submission altogether please note the modberry account on dA to request your submission be removed!

If you have any questions about the guest artist process or form please note the group (Berry-Bazaar) and let us know if you have submitted a form already or just want to have questions answered prior to form submission! Thank you. ovob

Modberry notes do NOT get responded to nearly as regularly (if at all) in the context of Guest Artist Applications. We often review applications closer to when we plan to run an event or sale so if it is a question that is more time sensitive be sure to note the group and not modberry.
What would you prefer us to call you?
DeviantArt Username: *
In case of multiple accounts, which is your preferred to use as contact and for artist credit?
DeviantArt Link: *
In the case of multiple accounts, link your preferred to use as contact and for artist credit.
Best method to contact you with an invitation to a group event: *
Discord ID:
Mods do a lot of info sharing and quick contacting on Discord, so this is easier for us than DevArt if you have an account. If you prefer to be contacted via discord you must input your discord ID, otherwise we will fall back to contacting you by note!
General Response Time: *
Please let us know your average response time to your preferred method of contact. Generally we give artists about 24-48 hours to respond to an invitation to an event before moving on to other artists we are considering. We usually include how long you have to respond to an invite in the invite itself.
Info / Experience:
If you have any experience with creating/selling adopts, feel free to list it here.
Examples: *
Please link examples, whether elnin, other CS or both. You can create test, made-up elnin designs for this purpose as long as you do not share them anywhere else. Please write example links in the order you wish for them to be viewed. (Ex. Examples you feel are stronger or more consistent with the style you plan to use you would probably submit first.) Feel free to label examples structurally with any notes you might have specific to that example. "Example 1: <Link> [Extra descriptive text about an example. This is the style I plan to use for adult submissions.] , Example 2: <Link> [Descriptive text] ... etc." Make sure to clarify if you have a specific style/level of rendering you would be likely using for a guest sale. Keep in mind it is beneficial to submit at least one example that is similar to what you intend to deliver quality of art wise, even if the example is not of an elnin.
Preferred Sale Types: *
These are NOT events. These choices relate to what you feel confident drawing or prefer sale wise. If you are not comfortable with doing certain sale types we will likely not pursue your participation for those types of events in our Guest Artist selection process.
Preferred Events / Sales: *
Some events are fairly annual, while others may not occur every year. If you are an artist that does not work well under a time crunch some of these events may not be best to apply to. We would like to get general one-off sales going regularly in the future which will likely benefit artists that need a longer timeline to work. Keep this in mind when submitting preferences. Events generally have very quick turnaround times.
Any other extra notes you would like us to know:
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