BAHA 2017/2018 Season Feedback Form
Tell us about the experience you had this season and help us make BAHA even better for our kids and our families. Please take just a few minutes to complete this survey and we'll incorporate your feedback into our planning for next year!

We appreciate your time and insights. Here's to the next great season!

~ Your BAHA Board of Directors

What level skater(s) did you have in the 2017/2018 Season at BAHA? (Check all that apply)
Please let us know how much you were able to be involved with your BAHA this past season (check all that apply).
For NEXT season, please let us know how much you would like to be involved with your BAHA (check all that apply).
For NEXT season, if you indicated "Other", please explain here:
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On a scale of 1 (no good) to 5 (amazing), how would you rate your overall experience as part of BAHA this past season?
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Although BAHA does its best to try to keep fees down, hockey is a long season with many costs. Which costs would you rather have rolled into registration fees rather than having them collected throughout the season? (Check all that apply.)
If you indicated "Other costs", please describe here:
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Speaking of fundraising, there are a few activities like the Calcutta, Raffle ticket sales, and the yearbook that run each season. Tell us about your experience with these and others, and how we can achieve maximum success. If you have new ideas for us to consider, add them here as well!
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What did your BAHA do well this season that we should carry into the next?
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What should your BAHA do to improve for next season?
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Enter your email address or other contact information if you'd like a member of BAHA's Board of Directors to contact you directly. This is an invitation to provide more feedback and to find out how you can become more involved next season!
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