Fall 2019 OHMA Fieldwork Partners
This is a way for me to collect information about potential fieldwork opportunities, which I will share with our students. Please note that there is some chance that we will end up with more partners than students and you will not be paired with a student. Thanks for taking the time to fill this out!
Project Title
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Brief Project Description
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What kinds of special skills or experience would you like the student you work with to have, if any?
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Ideally, how many students would you like to work with?
Can you commit to finding the student three people to interview in October and November? Please note that in order to actually arrange three interviews, you should probably plan to have 6-9 potential interviewees.
Would you like to come to Columbia on a Wednesday morning in September for a workshop on project planning and an introductory meeting with your assigned student(s)? This is not required, but it is can be useful, especially if you have less experience with oral history or are just getting started with your project.
Who should we contact to follow up? (Name and email)
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Any other comments or things we should know?
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