HeroBook NPC Jam
Use the random tables in your HeroBook GM to generate a unique NPC, and send us the details below. Submissions will be collected and published in a free NPC Compendium PDF. One lucky grand prize winner and three runners-up will also receive amazing prizes from Nerd Wood Designs! See the March 5th backer update for more details on the giveaway.
What is your NPC's name? (pg 79-80) *
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What is your NPC's profession? (pg 74) *
What is your NPC's appearance? (pg 76) *
What is your NPC's positive trait? (pg 75) *
What is your NPC's negative trait? (pg 75) *
What is your NPC's vocal quality? (pg 74) *
What is your NPC's speech pattern? (pg 74) *
What is your NPC's quirk? (pg 76) *
What is your NPC's quest hook? (pg 77) *
Write a short paragraph about your NPC. Be creative! *
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