Zenith Outreach Team Applicant Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the Zenith Outreach nonprofit organization! Information about our initiative can be found at zenithoutreach.org.

As a charitable organization, we provide:
- An opportunity to instruct students from a variety of backgrounds
- Eligibility to earn hours for school volunteering organizations
- Eligibility to earn the Presidential Volunteer Service Award through Zenith Outreach
- Opportunities to work with a team of dedicated peers
- Leadership opportunities in a variety of projects and initiatives
- Funding and support for your own nonprofit project through Zenith Outreach

To be eligible to join our team, we request that applicants be in the 10th grade or above.

Please be as detailed as possible when writing your responses! We want to get to know you as a potential team member of our organization.
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What unique talents and skills do you have? How will they allow you to contribute to Zenith Outreach? *
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I recognize that Zenith Outreach is an active, multifaceted nonprofit organization that prioritizes both productivity and authenticity. As a team, we all support both the organization's mission and one another to the best of our ability. However, by consistently neglecting duties or engaging in disorderly conduct, I may be removed from the organization.
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