SIGN UP! Iowa Climate Justice Unity March: April 22-29
Register on the form below to join Bold Iowa and partners:
- Indigenous Iowa
- Sage Sisters of Solidarity
- League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) - Council 307
- Creative Visions
- Iowa Farmers Union
- Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility
- Great March for Climate Action
- La Reina Radio 1260 AM
- Hola Iowa

For an eight-day, 85-mile march across Iowa that will set out on April 22nd (Earth Day!) from the Little Creek Camp (1904 Co Hwy F52, Williamsburg, IA), and arrive at the State Capitol in Des Moines on April 29th for the People's Climate Movement Rally.

Marching each day begins at 9:00 a.m. and will conclude each evening with a community meeting in each town. Food, water and logistics like mobile toilets, showers and hauling gear will be handled by Bold, and campsites will be arranged at each stop (more details on overnight camping venues will be added soon)!

Marchers should bring a tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, and any other personal gear they may need for a long walk in a rural setting in the Spring.

In addition to marching, every evening from 5:00 - 8:00 there will be a forum, dinner and music in each overnight town. These community events are as important as marching. As we work to build the strongest possible alliance to push-back against the failed policies of status-quo politicians at both the state and federal level, it’s essential that we take time to listen to each other and embrace our common ground and destiny.

The Climate Justice Unity March provides a unique opportunity to bring many voices together through the dignified, disciplined commitment of marching, and through non-confrontational forums and meals that will build momentum for April 29 and forge new relationships essential to the work we must do going forward.

View the Climate Justice Unity March FAQ here:

There will be no cursing, no displays of anger, no destruction of property, and we will cooperate with police officers and other public officials.

We will act with love, openness, compassion, and respect toward all who we encounter and their surroundings. We will not be violent in our actions, words, or otherwise – toward any person or property.

We will act fairly and honestly with people regardless of the situation or the role they play.

We will remain calm and aware at all times.

We will keep a clear state of mind, refraining from the use of drugs or alcohol, other than for medical purposes and we will not bring any illegal drugs or alcohol with us.

We will carry no weapons.

We will seek dialogue with those who may disagree with us and maintain a spirit of openness, friendliness and respect towards all with whom we engage.

We will gather and act in a manner that reflects the world we choose to create.

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I understand that guns, alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited. (If you choose to use tobacco recreationally, please refrain from smoking in camp.) *
I agree to volunteer a couple of hours each day on the march with tasks including but not limited to: cooking, camp setup and tear down, etc. *
I agree to stay together as one group while marching. (The pace will be 3 MPH, which is a 20-minute mile, with breaks roughly every hour. This increases visibility, safety, and makes more of an impact.) *
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