Survey for Police Accountability, Rochester NY
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1. In approximately 25 words, please explain your understanding of what the Police Accountability Board (PAB) was created to do. *
2. If you need to file a complaint with the PAB, do you know how to do that?
2b.If yes, what would be your first step?

3. City Council’s responsibilities to the PAB include approving a budget for the agency ($5 million in 2020); selecting the members to serve on the PAB; and acknowledge the authority of Executive Director for hiring and supervising (Charter 18-6c).

In 2022, City Council froze the PAB’s budget and placed a freeze on the hiring of staff.  Please rate these actions:

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From a list of recommended candidates provided by the PAB Alliance, the law requires City Council to fill PAB vacancies within 60 days (Charter 18-4h), same for the Mayoral and Council-appointed seats.  For numerous months, the City Council had violated the law by not selecting candidates from the list of recommendations that the PAB Alliance has offered.  Should the City Council implement an official internal process for filling vacancies on the board within the time frame specified by the Charter? *
According to the law, the PAB is authorized to have independent, direct access to police records in order to perform its investigatory responsibilities (Charter 18-3h). To date, the mayor’s administration (law department) has not allowed the PAB to have its own direct, independent access.

On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate this decision, with 1 being not helpful to the work of the PAB and 5 being very helpful to the work of the PAB

Please suggest any changes you would like to see in the PAB, PAB Alliance, City Council, City Law Department, Rochester Police Department, Locust Club Union
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