Mindfulness Daily Practice Log
The following practices will be offered over the six-week Mindful Leadership training. Please indicate which meditation practices you chose on a particular day. Practices can include: Body Scan, 6 pt Body Scan, Sitting (can be Desk Meditation), Yoga, and Walking. Formal practice is when you schedule specific time to just do that particular practice. Purposeful Pauses, such as taking a moment to notice your breath during your work day is an example of Informal practice. Please list amount of time, observations, and questions.

Please try and record here or in our workbook log for each day, listing amount of time, observations, and questions in the spaces below. (Completed forms/logs will be sent to Lisa Baker directly).

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Formal Practice: Comments/Observations
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Informal Mindfulness Practice: In the space below please type in which informal practices you did today and any comments/observations
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