This task is an individual task. You must do it by yourself and not in pairs.
משימה זו הינה אישית, אין לעבוד בזוגות. יש לשמור על טוהר בחינות וטוהר מטלות מתוקשבות. בלי להעתיק מחברים, כי אז המטלה תיפסל.
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In this unit, you will learn about the Coronavirus, learn how to reduce the risks of infection and comment and share opinions on pictures of cities infected with the coronavirus.
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Learn VocabularyBefore you read the text learn this vocabulary. There are games and a test (Hebrew)
1, The coronavirus is a new virus that has been spreading in the world. *
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2. Symptoms of corona are: *
10 points
3. The virus can spread in the air *
10 points
4. Cleaning your hands is one way you can reduce the risk of getting sick *
10 points
5. If you need to cough or sneeze you should *
10 points
6. If your friend is sick then you should *
10 points
7. If meat and eggs need to be thoroughly cooked this means that *
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8. What steps are you personally going to take to avoid the coronavirus? (This is a bonus question). *
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Watch the video.
Choose one or two pictures and: 1. Describe the picture/s. 2. Explain how these pictures make you feel. Write your answer here. *
20 points
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