Swedish ATMP Strategy survey
ATMP Sweden is the National network for gene and cell therapy products in Sweden, regulated as ATMPs by the EMA in Europe. ATMP Sweden forms the central umbrella under which other National projects have a common contact point, including the Center for Advanced Medical Products (CAMP), Swelife-ATMP, the ATMP Innovation Milieu and the NextGenNK. ATMP Sweden runs centralized communications for the Swedish ATMP field with a website, quarterly newsletter, LinkedIn page and annual “ATMP Sweden” conference, all platforms open to all Swedish ATMP actors regardless of formal association to ATMP Sweden projects. CAMP, Swelife-ATMP and the ATMP Innovation Milieu share a steering board that meets quarterly to discuss progress and to maintain open communications between the groups.

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on opportunities from the last 3 years of the ATMP Sweden projects, to introduce planned strategies and priorities moving forwards, to get your input/perspectives on this. We want everyone to be involved, to be passionate about the development of this field in Sweden and to feel confident that our resources are being used in the most effective ways to build a strong and world leading ATMP industry in Sweden.
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