Designing Bloom's Taxonomy
Go to the Vanderbilt University page on Bloom's Taxonomy ( and read about the model to answer the questions below.
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1. Come up with summaries for each of the different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy
1.a remember
1.b. understand
1.c. Apply
1.d. Analyze
1.e. Evaluate
1.f. Create
2. Come up with learning experiences that would match each level of Bloom's Taxonomy
2.a remember
2.b. understand
2.c. Apply
2.d. Analyze
2.e. Evaluate
2.f. Create
3. Which level of Bloom's taxonomy is going to lead to the best degree of learning and retention of concepts? Explain your thinking
4. Which level of Bloom's taxonomy has been most used by teachers throughout your schooling thus far? Explain your answer with examples.
5. Which levels of Bloom's taxonomy were incorporated into the designing of this learning experience? (Check all that apply)
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