A Step Beyond Year 2021 Application
This application is for new students to begin A Step Beyond's after school program beginning in March, 2021. We will not be having our auditions in person this year. This online application will serve as the first step in being considered for a scholarship at A Step Beyond. Applications will be accepted only until Friday, February 5th by 6 PM. At this time the application process will close. Families will be contacted by February 12th about their application. Fill out a separate application for each child applying.
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Make sure the following requirements are met:
* Your family must qualify for free/reduced lunch at your school.
* Your child must be between the ages of 8 - 14 years of age.
* Due to the pandemic, youth must be able to access some programming online.
* ASB students will need reliable transportation to and from A Step Beyond, 340 North Escondido Blvd., Escondido CA.
Please view this introductory video about A Step Beyond.
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Does your family qualify for free/reduced lunch at school? *
Does your family have reliable transportation to bring your child to The California Center for the Arts, Escondido for classes? *
Are you applying today for another family member to join A Step Beyond? *
If another family member is applying, what is their name?
If another family member is applying, what is the applicants relationship to each other?
What Languages does your family speak at home? *
Did the applicant participate in A Step Beyond's Step Into Dance program? *
Has the applicant auditioned for A Step Beyond before? *
Do you have a family member in A Step Beyond already? *
If you have a family member in A Step Beyond, what is their first and last name and their relationship to the applicant?
Tell us about why your child would like to join A Step Beyond. *
Tell us why your family is in financial need of a scholarship to a program like A Step Beyond. *
A Step Beyond is a commitment. If your child participates with A Step Beyond, they may not be able to participate in other after school programs. Does your child have other after school commitments that may conflict with A Step Beyond's offerings? If so, please tell us about them below. If not, please write "no" below. *
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