Would you like to learn Japanese?
Are you interested in the Japanese Culture? Are you an active practitioner of some kind of Japanese Art? Would you like to understand the way Japanese people think? 
Then you came to the right place - whether you're a Martial Arts Enthusiast or a Manga Fan - learning the LANGUAGE will take you closer to a deeper understanding of your interest.
My course is based on communication but we also touch the mistery of kanjis. We make it fun in groups of 4 (+me), and at the end (?) of our journey we can organize a budget trip to the Land of The Rising Sun (not obligatory, but highly recommended), where you can test your skills, eat AMAZING food and dig deeper into your passion.
I'll show you the WAY, but YOU'LL need to walk it. Are you in? 
Continue down the page and SIGN UP today!*

*Start of the classes are due to the number of sign-ups and also to our ever-changing life situations - from my side, I'll keep you posted if anything changes here. Let's see if you are interested first :)
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What are the SUITABLE DAYS/TIMES for you? *

2 days a week would highly be recommended to reach our goals, the classes are planned to be 60 minutes (not sharp - I'll keep myself available for you for more practice). The time below is CET (GMT/UTC+1) in case you're from another zone.

The price is planned to be 25 EUR/class - 2 times a week, roughly 8 times/month, so the monthly cost is about 200 EUR/participant. The intro class is FREE and pre-paid semesters will go with a discount. 
Karate people - you'll get a 30% discount on any Shobu Karate Uniform and/or belt (1 piece each) during the course!

September - December
January - April
May - August

The classes are planned for groups of 4 - bring your friends and learn together!

Highly recommended in April to see some of the Cherry Blossoms and enjoy a relatively calculable nice weather... but it's up to you guys. 
For Karate practitioners: we may have the JKA World Championship in Tokyo at the beginning/middle of Autumn in 2024... I'm there for sure!
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By sending you my details I commit myself to start the classes with you in September 2023. 
I'm not obliged in any ways, but I'm a nice and honest person who wouldn't mess up the group schedules last minute. 
I'm EAGER to start learning and I'll follow your guidelines to get the most out of the upcoming valuable lessons :)
CONTACT ME for more details

Andor Szell
+47 463 41 123
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