United Church of Christ Petition: We support driver's licenses for all in Pennsylvania
We, the undersigned United Church of Christ parishioners, strongly support giving an unmarked driver's license to undocumented Pennsylvanians. We believe this lives out the Christian teachings of our faith for family unity, loving our neighbor as ourselves, and welcoming the stranger. We respectfully ask that our Conference Minister, the Rev. William P. Worley of the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ, formally endorse the Pennsylvania campaign for driver's licenses for all.

Legislation granting driver’s licenses to undocumented people will help all parishioners in PA – both immigrant and non-immigrant:
● Our roads will be safer if everyone has a driver’s license. When everyone on the road passes a driver’s test, everyone on the road will be safer.
● We believe that all families, regardless of immigration status, deserve to live a dignified life and drive free of fear in order to provide for their families.
● Driver’s licenses will help avoid deportations and keep families and communities together.
● Driver’s licenses will help the Pennsylvania economy. Licenses help immigrants get to their jobs more easily and grow their businesses.
● Driver’s licenses will lower insurance rates as more people will be able to purchase insurance and report accidents.
As part of a state-wide coalition working for unmarked licenses for all, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is seeking official support for this critical legislation from religious denominations in Pennsylvania. We appreciate your support of the immigrant community. We pray and fight for a more just and welcoming Pennsylvania.

Signed by,

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