Sign Up for Mix Up MeetUp Season 19: January, February, March!
Balboa Park Cultural Partnership members, are you looking for a break from the daily grind and interested in connecting with your colleagues in the Park to learn more about the amazing people and resources in our community? Sign up for Mix Up MeetUps and you will be randomly assigned to three of your Balboa Park colleagues, one per month for three months.

Assigned partners (Mixers) will meet at least once during the assigned month for an activity of your choice. This is a great opportunity to network with colleagues and explore Balboa Park in a fun, relaxed way.

Please read our program guidelines before registering:

Participants must be team member of a Balboa Park Cultural Partnership Membership Organization.

Participants must agree to use this opportunity for networking purposes, soliciting of services is strictly prohibited.

Participants agree to a commitment of 3 months.

Participants agree to a commitment of at least one 30-60 minute meetup each of those three months. Participants are welcome to meet 2+ times for 15-20 minutes if timing is an issue and both participants agree. A flexible schedule is a priority!

Participants must work or volunteer in their organization for a minimum of 8 hours a week. Most participants will want to meet during work hours - 8am - 4pm - in Balboa Park.

You can read more about the program at:
If you do not meet the requirements, you will be notified via email.

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