SSS Class Proposal
This form is for those interested in teaching a class at the 2019 Sustainability Skill Share in Cooksville, Wisconsin. Thank you for your interest. We are looking for classes teaching a craft or skill that minimizes our dependence on fossil fuel and/or makes us more self-sufficient. We accept a broad interpretation of this mandate and will consider everything from fiber arts and traditional woodworking to alternative energy and food provisioning.

Classes are in 1-hr increments. They could be a single hour, two hours, all morning or afternoon, or all day. Two-day courses will also be considered. Saturday and Sunday will each have three hours of courses before lunch and three or four hours after lunch. Instructors will be paid per hour of instruction. Classes that fill up may be offered twice, if the instructor is willing.

Any questions can be sent to
All information collected here will be used internally, not shared with any other group. If selected, your name and class description will appear on the Low Technology Institute website and in promotional material to attract students.
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We are currently reviewing compensation options, but instructors can expect at least $50 per instructional hour, likely depending on number of students. Note, that if you would like to attend the Sustainability Skill Share when you're not teaching, your compensation can be applied towards half-price class and camping fees (as well as regular-priced materials, meals, and childcare fees).
Courses with hands-on components may charge a materials fee. If applicable, what materials will be provided and what costs should be charged to students in your course? We suggest that if you charge a materials fee, students should have something to take home with them at the end of the class.
What is the maximum comfortable class size?
Instructors can have a table provided in a covered area to sell items and/or promote their business. The table will be in a controlled area and need not be "manned" at all times. A cashier will be on hand to process sales (if you choose to sell items) for a nominal 5 percent fee (8 percent with a credit card). Will you want a table space? *
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We try to avoid canceling classes if at all possible. Can you provide us with the name and contact information of a person who is willing to act as a substitute (name, email, phone) in case you are ill or unable to teach? It is not required, but strongly encouraged.
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