Milliken Store Team Lead (MSTL) 

Here at The Ole Milliken Store we call our employees “crackerjacks”. Why? Because a crackerjack is a person or thing of marked excellence and The Milliken Team strives to handle every aspect of our business with excellence. The only way to provide service excellence is to create a team of people with marked excellence; or crackerjacks.

The Milliken Store Team Lead will be responsible for carrying out daily activities and responsibilities with The Ole Milliken Store as the Store Manager. For this role The Ole Milliken Store team needs people who are self-motivated, have a strong work ethic and are knowledgeable when it comes to retail, restaurant industry , and customer service. There must be a level of comfort in communicating and building relationships with customers along with operating kitchen equipment. Lastly, there needs to be a level of intentionality when it comes to teaching and leading your team. This is a Full-Time position. If you enjoy working with a hard working team continue below to fill out the application for Milliken Store Team Lead (MSTL) role.

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