Disorient Country Club 2022-Theme Camp Placement Submission
Thanks for submitting for placement at Disorient Country Club!
This year Disorient Country Club takes place from Thursday, May 26th- Monday May 30th.

Please submit as soon as possible to be considered earlier in our process for your requested placement!
We have three art cabins that we assign to our most interactive submissions.

Infrastructure onsite that is available to be hosted by a theme camp:
-Two simple cabins
-Sauna cabin with a small bar.
-Art boat
Note: Please note in your submission if your camp would like to be considered for these infrastructure placements.

A few notes:
- Box truck installations welcomed
- Limited power available

Disorient Country Club 2022 Theme: ASTRODYNAMICA
ASTRODYNAMICA: branch of astronomy that studies the motion of natural and artificial bodies in space. For this theme we are exploring retrofuturist intermodulation, planispheres, objects of orbit, imagined mars colonization via 1960s mainframes, real and artificial moons, satellite dish mania, LED and incandescent light, MASERS/LASERS, extra planetary survivalist built structures, programmer heroics, accelerationism, swarm technology, cross discipline dreaming.

Any questions?

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We have limited generator power available. Camps will need to calculate total draw if selected for power grid placement.
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Please note: Our mountainous terrain is tricky. All RVs must live in the designated RV Camping Section.
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