DeepFried Improv-trainings
Free semi-open improv training organised by DeepFried

DeepFried is an English speaking longform improv group from Antwerp. We formed in 2020 and started doing regular theater shows from 2022 onwards. You can find more about us on

Once a month we have semi-open trainings. Those are our regular trainings where we do warmups, games, scene-exercices and practice our own longform formats. If you have some improv experience and want to learn more then you are welcome to join those trainings. It's ok if you only have shortform experience, or have only done improv in Dutch, or have never played a real show yet. We only expect you to be familiar with the basics of improv. 

With this form you can sign up for the trainings. We want to limit the amount of external participants to maintain a small and clear group, so that we can easily get the training going. This means that signing up is no guarantee for an invitation. Thats the 'semi' part of this concept. 

At the latest one week before each training we will inform the invited participants with exact information regarding location and starting/ending time. Usually those trainings will be in the center of Antwerp, going from 19.30 till 22.00. Afterwards there are drinks to be had at the local bar.

The trainings are free, but we appreciate a small voluntary contribution to help us pay for the rooms we use.

Why would you signup? With DeepFried you will be surrounded by people who have 5+ years of experience in longform improv and we are happy to share our knowledge with people who are eager to learn. Within our group we have several people who are already teaching in improv courses, and we have established our own routine for a good training. Participation might also potentially be the first step in becoming a full member one day. From our point of view it's a nice way to network and meet new improv enthousiasts, it will help us reflect on our training structure and we can try out new formats.
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