Art Around Town: A Family Scavenger Hunt Adventure
How well does your family know downtown Grand Haven? Do you have an eye for art? Put your puzzle solving skills to the test!
How do I play?
This challenge combines a virtual puzzle with a real world scavenger hunt. Each clue will consist of a photograph of a work of art found somewhere in downtown Grand Haven. Your mission is to identify the mystery location, go there, and find the missing information needed to solve each step of the puzzle. Answer correctly and you will unlock the next photo clue!
So these locations could be anywhere?
Nope! All photographs were taken within the borders marked on this map of downtown Grand Haven: You will not need to venture outside of those boundaries. In addition, everything needed to solve this puzzle can be found outdoors.
Do I have to solve the puzzle all in one go?
That's up to you! There are 12 works of art you will need to locate. You can take one long walk, solving as you go. Or you can make each step its own day's adventure.

You might want to take note of your answers as you go in case you need to return to the puzzle on another day.
What do we get if we solve it?
A big adventure and the satisfaction of knowing your team's got what it takes to crack the case! (Plus we'd love to be able to brag about your family's awesome puzzle solving skills on the library's social media!)
Ready to play? *
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