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Hello 👋🏼 ! We are delighted that you decided to apply for the Mello Ambassador Program. YAY!

⭐ Our selection process will focus on parents who show motivation and intention to join Mello’s mission.

⭐ Be ready to get involved with excitement, curiosity and to learn some awesome community-building skills!

⭐We follow a hands-on approach and will work out a tailored program so that you can choose what fits best for you and your schedule.

Please, before you proceed with the application read our program FAQ:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch! 💌
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📢Share and promote Mello's App and Mission on Social Media
👋🏼 Welcome new joiners in the app and engage with the community
👩🏻‍🏫 Provide advice and resources about a topic of interest
💻 Organize and host virtual events with other parents
✍🏼 Write content about parenting
📝Distribute Mello-Flyers in your Kiez
⚽ Organize an outdoor playdates and picnics (after the lock down)
Are there any topics related to parenthood and families that you are particularly passionate about or experienced in that you'd like to share and talk about during the program? *
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