2019 Spring Christian Students Conference
In Matthew 17:2, the Lord brought the disciples “…up to a high mountain privately.” There they received a very special vision concerning Christ which had not been revealed previously. In order for us to see something higher and deeper concerning the Lord Jesus, we realize we also need to be “brought up to a high mountain”, away from the things of the earth. Come join us as we go up this “mountain”, away from our busy school schedules, to see something more concerning this wonderful Person and His purpose!

March 1 - 3, 2019 in Athens, GA
The Student Station
249 Waddell St.
Athens, GA 30605

Early registration: $80 until Feb. 18
Late registration: $110 until Feb. 23

If you have questions regarding payment, contact Mark Sandlin (706-202-8846). Your registration is not considered complete until payment is made.

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