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I. Do you think, you inspire confidence in others through your appearance?
II. Do you get stressed easily?
III. Do you feel uncomfortable approaching people in gatherings and networking meets and striking conversation?
IV. Do you manage all your task perfectly as you would like to?
V. Do you often feel that others get more opportunities even though you might be more deserving?
VI. Do you often feel misunderstood by others and is their perception of you is different from reality?
VII. Can you get people to accept your ideas easily Ex: In negotiation/closing sales?
VIII. Do you often feel nervous in important situations?
IX. Do you often feel intimidated/overwhelmed by Boss/ Spouse/ Friends/ Children?
X. Do you often justify or make excuses for the way you look or appear?
XI. Do you think people can identify your role by looking at you, before knowing you?
XII. Do you have difference of opinions which lead to arguments with others?
XIII. Do you attempt reconciliation after a fight?
XIV. Do people confide/talk about their issues with you?
XV. Do you avoid conflict situations?
XVI. Do you generally experience emotional highs and lows
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