National Black & Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium (BBGVPC) Network
The consortium is focused on uplifting and supporting the work going on across the country by black and brown people in the field of intervention and prevention to reduce and interrupt the cycle of gun violence. We have been on the ground leading this work for decades without adequate resources and a structured network, yet we continue to have an impact.

It is time that we come together as communities of color, working on the ground fighting for our lives, io share best practice, resources, and garnish new opportunities. We can no longer afford to be pushed to the margins of the national conversations about solutions to gun violence.

This network has been created to unify our voices and highlight our passion for our community. We are NOT in competition, we are here to live and help our neighborhoods live and thrive beyond measure.

As we continue this journey together, connect with us on social media @BlackandBrownGVP Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and visit site

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