Guest Application 2017
This application is for professionals in their field, such as artists, actors, writers, directors, editors, producers, costume designers, astronauts, game designers, etc. It is not for hobbyists or fans. If you do not require a table, you may be interested in applying to be a panelist instead. You can find information on that here:

Application Deadlines:

Supercon Retro: March 1, 2017
Florida Supercon: May 1, 2017
Animate Florida: August 1, 2017
Paradise City Comic Con: November 1, 2017

No forms will be accepted after these dates.

This application is NOT for Bands or Live Performance Acts.

Full Legal Name:
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This is the name that will appear on the website, badge, and program guide.
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Let us know what type of guest you are, such as a writer, artist, celebrity, director, video game designer, editor, etc.
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Short 50 words or less version of your long biography, containing the most relevant information about your professional career.
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Agent Information:
You only need to give us agent information if you want us to use the agent as a point of contact. Include their Full Name, Email, and Phone Contact Number.
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What days do you plan to attend the event?
(Thursday only available for Florida Supercon)
Do you require a table or booth on the convention floor?
Additional Needs:
Include any needs not listed above that you require to be a guest at the convention such as Airfare, Hotel, Per Diem, Appearance Fee, etc. Items listed here will be considered as requirements, and will affect the acceptance of your application.
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Additional Information:
Include any information not listed above that may help the Guest Committee, such as a wish to be considered alongside a professional partner that is also applying.
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Guests I prefer not to participate with:
This information will be kept confidential. We ask so that we do not place you near another guest that may make you feel uncomfortable.
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