The Story of City and People: New Zealand China Friendship Society Urban Development Delegation to China 2018

New Zealand is undergoing a transformational stage of urban development.
“The Story of City and People” is an opportunity for urban planning and development professionals to join a study trip delegation to China hosted by the New Zealand China Friendship Society. It will involve visiting Chinese cities with an experienced professional mentor to gain first hand experience on lesson learnt and best practices in urban planning, in particular the role of human-centered design approaches to placemaking.

The group will visit Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shanghai over 10 days, meeting with peer professionals and also high level industry representatives, proving opportunities to draw parallels to the urban development history and development of New Zealand. Through this programme New Zealand and Chinese urban development professionals will grow their network, better understand each other’s culture and environment, share knowledge about innovation, challenges and successes, and commemorate legacy.


The programme will take place in quarter four of 2018. The final dates are to be determined.

The delegates are expected to actively contribute towards self-defining the study trip's programme development, based on the interests of the delegates and with support from New Zealand China Friendship Society and other partners.
In addition to the China-based study trip, the programme will include a pre-trip briefing as well as a post-trip follow up presentation and workshop (identifying projects that can be brought back to New Zealand to further investigate/ implement).

Key elements of the study trip could include (but are not limited to):

1. Site visits to significant heritage sites of cultural importance/ modern landmarks - and exploration of urban planning along the timeline of the development history of these places.
2. Briefings and exchanges on the urban planning system in China with local authorities, institutes and organisations involved in urban development, also case studies of the key changes in urban planning and development practices in China in recent years.
3. Goodwill exchange with sister city representatives.
4. Cultural activities
The delegates are expected to share their experience before, during and after the study trip via blog, video, photos or other multimedia forms.


International travel cost and pre-departure briefing/ business etiquette training is substantially subsidised by New Zealand China Friendship Society.

Each participant will be required to cover the domestic travel and any on-site programme costs (including domestic travel, accommodation and shared meals). In addition, delegates are expected to cover personal expenses for shopping etc. Programme costs are currently estimated to be NZD$1600 and may change subject to finalisation of the programme.


This opportunity is open to:
- New Zealand permanent residents or citizens primarily based in New Zealand;
- Professionals within their first 15 years of urban planning and development careers (all specialisations);
- Those interested in developing their understanding and network in the Chinese urban development sector; and
- Those able to confirm commitment from their employers to take time off work to attend the trip.

Selection criteria:
- Strong contribution to the delegation in terms of urban planning and development knowledge, experience and skills;
- Clear demonstration that this programme can benefit the participant’s career development;
- Strong reasons for wanting to be part of the delegation;
- Ability to share experiences and what has been learnt widely and willingness to create on-going opportunities out of the experience; and
- Other skills and experience e.g. Language, media are advantageous.

Please complete the below application form by 5pm (NZ time) on 20 May 2018.
Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 30 May 2018.
Skype/ phone interviews will be conducted in early June 2018.
The selection panel will consist of representatives from New Zealand China Friendship Society and a New Zealand urban planning industry representative.

Any questions please email:

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