HIS Festival 2020 - Parents Questionnaire
Please share your thoughts about this year's festival. The only things that are decided at this point are:

1) The festival date 日程:
     Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at HIS

2)  The festival will be open to the general public. 今年は外部のお客様を招待します。

Anything else will be decided by those who take part in the planning process.

We look forward to your input!

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jackie and Yasuko
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Parent/Guardian Name(s) 保護者の名前
Kids' names and grades お子様の名前と学年
Contact phone number and/or e-mail address (if you don't mind) 携帯・メールの連絡先(構わなければ!)
Which of the following describes your availability best? 最も当てはまるものを選んでください。
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If you said "other" for the previous question, please give details here.「その他」を選んだ方は、参考までに理由を教えて下さい。
Do you have any ideas or suggestions for booths/shops/games/activities we could do at the festival? (Anything goes. It may be something from a previous HIS event, or maybe something you have experienced at another fun event. We can't promise to do everything, but would love to hear great ideas) フェスティバルで出来ることの提案がありますか?ゲーム・お店・コーナー・アクティティなどなんでもいいです。以前HISのイベントで経験したことでもいいし、他のところのお祭りやイベントで経験したことでもいいです。全てが出来ない可能性がありますが、たくさんのアイディアが聞きたいです。
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