Brexit and important issues survey
The next few weeks will see some momentous decisions which will affect the future of our country.
I want to represent local views in High Peak as best as I can and would appreciate you completing my quick survey.
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Our Deal with the European Union: Do you think our deal should include:
1. A Customs Union and ‘friction-free trade’ with the EU?
2. A ‘soft’ border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic?
3. Access to the preferential trade deals with 59 non-EU countries that we currently enjoy?
4. Membership of the European Economic Area (EEA)?
5. Access to the Single Market?
6. Limits on EU citizens travelling to the UK - and reciprocal limits to UK citizens travelling to the EU?
Guaranteed standards at least the same as Europe’s for:
7. Workers’ rights?
8. Health & safety?
9. The environment?
10. Consumer products?
Making the decision: Do you think there should be a referendum before the UK government agrees to any of these:
Accept any deal with the European Union?
Accept a deal that does not include membership of the Customs Union?
Leave the EU with No Deal?
Should voters have an alternative option to remain in the EU?
If there was a vote on our deal to leave the EU, how do you think you’re most likely to vote?
How did you vote in the 2016 EU Referendum?
Do you think there should be a General Election before the UK leaves the EU?
If a GeneraI Election was called now, how do you think you’d be most likely to vote?
How did you vote in last year’s General Election?
Top Ten National and Local Issues
I’m often asked for my view on contentious issues before we vote in Parliament or Councils take decisions, and it would be useful to know how many local residents feel about them:
1. Should Corporation Tax for the largest companies be reduced again?
2. Should Income Tax be raised to put more money into the NHS?
3. Should Universal Credit be scrapped?
4. Should workers in large companies receive company shares and have 30% of places?
5. Should local Councils be given a duty to ‘plan positively’ for fracking?
6. Should High Peak Council sell off all their available land to a developer?
7. Should Derbyshire County Council put half High Peak’s libraries into ‘Community Management’ on a rapidly decreasing grant?
8. Should Sky Lanterns be banned completely?
9. Should the personal consumption of cannabis be decriminalised?
10. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
Thank you for helping me to represent you.
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