Black Hawk County Precinct Election Official Online Application
A Precinct Election Official requires a solid commitment to be at the polling location before, during and after the polls are open on Election Day. It is a long day, from 6:00 AM to approximately 9:00 PM. (Overall a total of 15 hours). You may not leave the polling site on Election Day, however you may take short breaks throughout the day. You will need to bring any food, snacks, and beverages you will want on Election Day or arrange to have them brought to you.

Precinct Election Official (PEO) duties include checking in voters using the Precinct Atlas computer program, processing Election Day Registrations, and helping voters requesting assistance. A PEO will also help with the set-up and tear-down of the polling place including signage, computers, and voting equipment and completing end-of-the-day tally books and various other documentation.

A Precinct Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that the precinct is functioning according to Iowa law. This requires a firm understanding of Election Day procedures including completion of Election Day documentation, ballot and seal verification, and proficiency on the Precinct Atlas computer program. The Chairperson serves as the leader of the precinct, and will oversee and assign duties to Precinct Election Officials. They are also in charge of picking up and returning election supplies.

All Precinct Election Officials will receive hands-on training prior to election day.

You will be trained to do the following:
Follow and understand election laws and procedures
Prepare the polling place for the election
Determine the eligibility of voters
Process voters using an electronic poll book
Operate, and instruct voters how to use precinct voting machines
Report results to the Courthouse
Complete paperwork and close the polls

Pay is at a flat rate for the entire day for elections where the polls open at 7:00 AM  (15 hours)
The Precinct Chairperson earns $250/day
All other Precinct Election Officials earn $200/day
Mileage is paid at $0.39 per mile

Be registered to vote in Black Hawk County
Not be a candidate with opposition, or closely related to any candidate on the ballot
Have energy and stamina for the long hours
Have good reading and listening skills and legible handwriting
Enjoy people and service to others
Able to work as a team member and follow election laws
Willing to attend scheduled training

When might you work?
Depending on the availability of workers in your precinct, you may be contacted for any or all of the following:

CITY/SCHOOL ELECTIONS held in November of odd-numbered years.
PRIMARY ELECTIONS held in June of even-numbered years.
GENERAL ELECTIONS held in November of even-numbered years.
SPECIAL ELECTIONS which would be called as necessary and are always held on Tuesdays.

The polls are open for voting from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM for all elections.

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