Individual Papers: IIPPE Annual Conference, Leeds 2015

1) This form is for submission of an Individual Paper. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

2) If you wish to submit a Proposal for a Panel or a proposal for a Stream of Panels, then you must select the appropriate form from the IIPPE main website (

3) If you submit a proposal for a co-authored paper, please enter only one name in this submission form. Only authors who register and attend the conference will be listed in the final program. In the rare cases where several authors will attend and jointly present a paper, all the names will be listed in the program.

4) The Programme Committee will attempt to have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 presenters on each panel. The composition of the panels will be based on how the presentations relate to each other. This could be in terms of themes/topics, regional research areas, contrasting theories and perspectives, etc. There will be IT equipment available in all rooms, such as projectors, computers, and loudspeakers.

5) The time slot for each panel session is two hours. Each presentation should be maximum 20 minutes so there will be minimum 40 minutes for debate, questions and answers.

6) After submitting the form successfully you will receive an automated e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail then please follow these steps:
A) Check your e-mail spam filter. It is likely that the automated e-mail confirmation has been spammed out.
B) If the e-mail has not been spammed out then it is likely that there is a mistake in your primary e-mail address. Fill in the form again and pay special attention to the details and how you enter your e-mail address.
C) If this does not work, please contact Niels Hahn (

7) All proposals will be reviewed by the relevant Working Group or Programme Committee. About one month after the final submission deadline you will receive a letter from the Programme Committee with more information about the conference if your paper is accepted.

8) The registration fees have not been defined yet as the cost for the venue is still being estimated. The fees will be specified when registration is opened for accepted papers, but applicants should expect the fees to be about the same as last year, which were:
Membership fee: Students and unwaged pensioners: € 15. All other participants: € 30.
Conference fees for Students, unwaged and pensioners: € 90. Hence Total €105 if they still need pay their membership fees.
Conference fees for all others: € 180. Hence Total €210 if they still need pay their membership fees

Please note that IIPPE does not have any funds that can subsidise participants, and the fees cannot be waived. All necessary documentation for registration will be made available around May 2015, when the registration process will open.

9) Further points of information:
a) If you have any questions regarding IIPPE in general, please visit IIPPE's main page (
b) If you have any questions regarding a specific Working Group, please visit this page ( and contract the relevant Working Group Coordinator directly.
c) For other questions regarding the programme please contact Niels Hahn ( and cc Al Campbell (, and Alfredo Saad Filho (

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