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Dear officials of Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement:

We are concerned residents of Western Massachusetts, writing in support of our neighbor, Niberd Alzendi Abdalla. Niberd has made his home here for much of the 41 years he has lived in the United States. He is an important member of our community, much loved by his family and his partner Ellen, a U.S. citizen, and he also suffers from serious health conditions. We ask that you grant his Stay of Removal so that he may continue to make his life here.

Niberd Alzendi came to the U.S. in 1976 at age fifteen. His family had experienced persecution in their home country of Iraq, due to their Kurdish ethnicity and democratic activism. As a child, Niberd was regularly beaten because of his ethnicity and religious beliefs. Close family members were kidnapped, and his brother and cousin were killed.

Niberd has now lived in the United States for more than 41 consecutive years. Here in Easthampton, Massachusetts, he has been a provider and caregiver for his elderly parents, naturalized U.S. citizens. His son, a U.S. citizen, currently serves in the U.S. Navy.

For the past seven years, Niberd has complied with the condition that he check in twice yearly with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. On the morning of June 8th, of 2017 when Niberd appeared at the ICE regional office for his 6-month report, he was detained and arrested by ICE without warning.

Niberd has a family and a life here. He and his partner Ellen describe one another as the love of (one another’s) lives. Deporting Niberd victimizes Ellen, a US citizen, as much as it victimizes Niberd. English is his primary language and he has no remaining family, friends or resources back in Iraq. His physician states that Niberd will not be able to receive the treatment he requires for his complex medical conditions if he is deported. We support Niberd’s application for a stay of deportation. He is vital to his family and to our community’s life.


Please also commit yourself to being trained as a Pioneer Valley Workers Center, Sanctuary in the Streets Rapid Responder by joining us in Springfield this Saturday July 8th from 1-5PM. RSVP here:

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