The Nitty Gritty
Application to be a seller

Thanks for your interest in selling at Coco & Co.

Your stock will be sold amidst a range of handmade products at a range of price points from a variety of New Zealand crafters, artisans and makers. All products stocked at Coco & Co are of a high quality and we choose every maker very carefully and review all work before putting it in the store.

The store has a handmade ‘cash and carry’ focus and we have the proven ability to create an overall aesthetic that appeals to a range of buyers and collectors. Coco & Co is an inviting welcoming space for locals and visitors and our makers are the heart of our business.

If you wish to be a seller please read over all the nitty gritty and submit the application. Then we can get the ball rolling and hopefully get your work in the store.


As a renter:
I agree to pay up-front a four week rental fee to Coco & Co Ltd for the selling of my product at the Coco & Co store located at 240 Heretaunga Street East, Hastings.

I understand that the rent is $20 per week and that my work will be in the store for a trial period of 8 weeks to begin with. After the initial 8 week rental period finishes I will negotiate a month by month rental plan with Coco & Co if all parties are happy and agree.

I understand that the rent I pay is non-refundable if I remove my work from the store prior to the end of the agreed 8 weeks.

My rent will be paid into the designated bank account before the due date stated below.


As a seller on commission:
I understand that the commission payable to Coco & Co when my work sells, is 35% and that my work will be in the store for a trial period of 8 weeks to begin with. After the initial 8 week period finishes, I will commit my work to Coco & Co for 16 more weeks upon which time the work can be removed from the store if not selling.

I agree to not introduce new product ranges without prior approval of the management team. We reserve the right to remove any unapproved items from the public area, if we do we will contact you to discuss it.

Coco & co sells on behalf of the maker, with the funds being held for a period of up to one month in our account before being paid to the maker. The funds do not belong to Coco & Co, we are a holding account only, the maker is responsible for their own tax position, GST, income tax, insurance etc.

All goods will be professionally labelled, individually priced and ready to sell and I will provide Coco & Co with an up to date, easy-to-use, inventory upon sending any new stock to the store.

I allow Coco & Co to photograph my products and use the photos to publicise the store.

I will provide Coco & Co with any marketing material that may assist to sell my stock.

When possible I will replenish the items sold, within 21 days. I will cover the postage and packaging costs for this. On return of any of my goods Coco & Co will cover postage costs.

If goods are faulty or not fit for their intended purpose the maker is required by the Consumers Guarantee Act to refund the monies or fix the problem. If the problem is minor, and can be fixed, the maker can either choose to repair, replace or refund. The maker must fix the problem within a reasonable time.


We agree to look after your work and sell it with pride, at the price you have set.

Whilst we will do the best we can, accidents do happen and the organisers cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to your stock whilst in the store or in transit to the store.

Coco will pay any money you have made into your account on the 16th of every month (less the 35% if on commission or full if renting). We will also send you an inventory of sales for that month.

Any enquiries regarding your work, we will forward to you. If you have business cards, please supply them so we can give the customer the correct details.

We will handle sales, marketing and packaging of the product.

Where possible, we will also include your bio and photos of your work regularly on our website and social media pages.

Please fill in the following application on the next section, we will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.
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