JBF Valet Tagging Sign Up - Shawnee/Kansas City & Overland Park Spring 2020
Do you have more stuff than time? Our Valet Tagging program may be the perfect option for you! We have a team of JBF Moms who will prep, price, tag and drop off your items for you!

Consignors who participate in the Valet Tagging program earn 40%* of their sales minus the normal $10 per event consignor fee and a $0.15 per tag supplies fee.

Consignors who sign up for our valet program and have their items ready for drop off before March 15th (or until all available spots are filled)** will be participating in both our Shawnee/Kansas City Spring 2020 sale & Overland Park Spring 2020 sale. All unsold items from the Shawnee/Kansas City Spring sale will be automatically transferred to the Overland Park Spring sale. A $10 transfer fee will apply. All fees are taken out of your Shawnee/Kansas City check so there are no upfront fees to participate.
* Earn 50% of your sold items by helping at a 4-hour shift. Additional percentage will be applied to sales on a per event basis.

By participating in our Valet Tagging program you are also invited to attend the Consignor + Guest Presales! If you help at the sale, you'll get to shop even earlier! Your presale pass will be emailed to you closer to the sale dates.

JBF Shawnee/Kansas City & Overland Park will be accepting Spring & Summer appropriate clothing and shoes, as well as toys, books, games, infant equipment, baby gear, and more!

Fill out the form below to be paired with a tagger & to schedule your drop off appointment. Please only complete this form when you within two weeks of being ready to drop your items off to your tagger.

I look forward to seeing you at the sales!!
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Please list the email that you use to log in to your JBF account. If you do not have a JBF account, please create one by visiting www.jbfsale.com.
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Please note - You will be connected with your tagger via email after this form has been submitted so please keep an eye on your inbox. The below preference is for all future communications with your assigned tagger.
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If you have participated in our program in the past and would like the same tagger (pending availability), please note your tagger's name below.
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Taggers are assigned no farther than 3 weeks out.
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Please label each box with your name and consignor number. Boxes will not be returned. Large items that will not fit in a box must be labeled with your name and consignor number - masking or painters tape work best.
Please let us know if you have any of the following larger items to consign. This will assist us in transportation arrangements.
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