I’m SO EXCITED for you and this lifestyle change that’s about to go down for you! I know I know…change can be scary (I’m a total creature of habit myself) and you’re probably at least a LIIIIIITTLE bit worried that you might fail…but Jon and I have been following this plan ourselves since January 2015, sooooooo TRUST ME! It’s realistic and sustainable for the long haul!

I've always been into fitness...running, hot yoga, kickboxing, spin class, lifting weights with a personal name it, I tried it! But Jon and I used to eat at least 50% of our meals out every week because we simply didn't feel like cooking...I thought "no-fat" meant "healthy"...I was a total carbaholic AND loved sweets too...I had no clue what a balanced diet meant or what proper portion size was...and between girls night, an adult kickball league, or the day simply ending in "Y," booze was pretty much a guaranteed staple in my daily diet.

All of a sudden the girl who was used to being lean all her life wasn't looking or feeling too lean anymore...and even worse, I had NO clue what to do about it! Work out MORE? It didn't work! Limit myself to 1200 calories a day and no carbs? I was hangry all the time until I would finally binge on god only knows what and destroy ALL progress that I’d so MISERABLY made :(

No worries girl! I still eat pizza and chocolate and drink wine ;) I still make all of my favorite foods like tacos and burgers and fries...but now I know how to fit it all into a weekly PLAN so that I can consistently crush my fitness goals without feeling deprived!

And I want to share these simple habits that I learned WITH YOU! Because I KNOW 100% for a fact that you’re not realizing your TRUE POTENTIAL right now. Am I right??? Dig deep and REALLY be honest with yourself…are there things that you want in your life that you’re NOT going after right now? Are there OTHER changes that you want to make too, that for some reason…you’re just NOT making? If you're shaking your head NO right now, I bet 30 days from now you've got something different to say ;)

Focusing on my own health and fitness gave me the tools that I needed to overcome my struggles with alcohol abuse and start going after the life that I REALLY wanted! And every single day I hear from women in my online accountability community who are experiencing the same success too! Having success in this ONE aspect of our lives is giving us the confidence and mindset that we need to make other positive changes in our lives that we want to make also! And that my friend, is PRICELESS!

But your ONLY investment is the NUTRITION PACK and AT-HOME WORKOUT PLAN (which you get access to for an entire YEAR by the way!), which will give you all the tools you need to start TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE! No joke! And if you disagree with me after 30 days, you actually GET YOUR MONEY BACK! Sooooooo WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO THIS AGAIN??? LOL!

But here’s the thing….I try to bring on only 10 new ladies a month so that I can give my FULL attention to each and every one of you! So go ahead and fill out this application so I can get to know YOU, your current routine, your goals, and how I can help you CRUSH THEM! I’ll be back in touch within 24-72 hours with full details on my accountability group and your next steps so you can be sure to snag one of those 10 spots!

Thanks so much for choosing ME to be your coach! I'm honestly BEYOND flattered and I can’t wait to hear how incredible you’re feeling 30 short days from now!

Talk soon!

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I can't wait to help you finally crush your goals!!! Talk soon!
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